Literacy Instructional Focus

Read and comprehend text on grade level

Math Instructional Focus

1: Develop problem solvers and problem solving techniques

2: Develop conceptual understanding

-MP 2: construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others

-MP 6: attend to precision

Mission Statement

P.S. 6 is a multi-cultural community dedicated to educating the whole child.  We nurture the creativity, talents, and abilities of all children to achieve academic success in a rigorous standards based environment.  Through a collaborative effort and clear expectations based in on-going assessments our students become free thinking members of the community.

Vision Statement

The vision of P.S. 6 is to support the Whole Child:

  • Socially and Emotionally
  • Collaboratively
  • Culturally Responsive Education
  • Inclusively
  • Safe Environment
  • Academically